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RFP and Contract Strategy

Unmatched Confidence and Success with GMT

Are you about to bid or extend a carrier contract? Gain the support and relevant market insights you need to make impactful network decisions.

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“When I say GMT is an extension of my team, I really mean it. GMT was very instrumental in helping us prepare to negotiate with our primary carrier, because they gave me the market intelligence to understand where to focus my strategic energy and the support I needed to put my mind at ease regarding big network changes.”

Headshot of Antione Bennet

Antione Bennett, Head of Supply Chain/Transportation Sourcing

Our market intelligence is second to none.

Because we partner with the world’s largest and most complex shippers, our view of the supply chain market is second to none. A truly optimized contract strategy requires relevant and powerful market insights to guide you.

Are you relying on market insights a quarter behind?

Unlike the rest, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry today. Leverage our unrivaled market intelligence to focus contract strategy and gain competitive edge for your business.


Mitigate rising supply chain costs.

Your contract strategy is unique to you.

Because others are paid a percentage of savings recouped, traditional RFP partners typically seek out the lowest-hanging or direct savings fruit. However, not only is this approach short-sighted in terms of the longterm strategy of your network, it also ultimately neglects the relationship with your carrier.

We layer our market intelligence with the larger picture of your whole network to help you identify the most impactful contract opportunities that should be the focus of your contract discussions.

To prove the point, we do the math down-to-the-penny, modeling complex situations (and sometimes even imaginary distribution centers), so you don’t have to rely on assumptions when making the final decision.


Gain leadership buy-in.

Do you feel informed enough to report how the global economy is impacting your network’s budget and contract realities? Or do you feel at a loss for words, too often reaching for the explanation, “the global supply chain ate my budget”?

We know internal challenges are one of the greatest challenges for shippers trying to succeed in today’s complex industry. In fact, we partner with you to provide the insights and perspectives you need when leadership attempts to poke holes into your contract strategy.

Leverage our team, expertise, and resources to acquire leadership buy-in so you can move on to gaining competitive edge more quickly.

Leverage a powerful extension of your team.

Shippers at the negotiation table often feel disadvantaged or overwhelmed by the task at hand.

Will your next RFP partner view your network and contract as their own?

They should; sense of ownership brings focus and mitigates neglect. That’s why we partner with you as an extension of your team, working alongside you to understand your business and whole network, ensure your contracts and network are in sync, identify and drive meaningful strategic objectives.

Succeed with a proven process.

The GMT Way is a Proven Process Perfected for Nearly 25 Years

Our RFP process has been repeatedly tested and improved from nearly 25 years helping the world’s largest shippers plan, execute, and monitor their network spend.

As unique as our market view, no other RFP process has been polished and perfected quite like ours. Literally refined by the most complicated and largest supply chain networks, no one else can offer a process with this caliber of experience.

What’s more, our process is designed to build trust with your carriers by leading with transparency and integrity. Look no further for an RFP process designed to yield unrivaled outcomes and success.

Unmatched Confidence and Success with GMT

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