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Parcel Spend Management

Unlock a powerful parcel network.

Gain unparalleled visibility into your whole Parcel network with automated data intelligence and visibility via our unmatched best-in-class audit and cost allocation. Use this intelligence to optimize and reduce waste within your network, or go further and fortify your network with industry-expert strategic support. Plan, execute, and monitor your Parcel network like never before.

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Key Features

Increased Visibility
and Data Consistency

Best-in-class Parcel auditing

Put our famous best-in-class down-to-the-penny audit solution to work. Our automated service can start as early as manifest, and we audit each and every transaction – never sample groups.

Powerful insight-driven BI reports

Manage and monitor your budget, forecast, and overall network better with our robust Customer Portal, where we’ve taken 20 years of best practices learned from partnering with the world’s largest brands and created a series of automated Business Intelligence (BI) reports.

Carrier contract strategy

Ensure your carrier contracts are accurately fulfilled, while also receiving the right data to gauge which of your partnerships and opportunities are most beneficial to your network – as it exists today or could exist in the future.

Our Process

It all starts here.

Process Automation

Is our Parcel Spend Management (PSM) right for you? See what’s involved in the first phase, Process Automation, to learn more.

How Parcel Spend
Management Works

Our proven solution enables unparalleled Parcel network success through three distinct areas of focus and optimization. Ready to dig into each?

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Go Further

Fortify Your
Parcel Network

Connect further with us and provide additional data from your network – we’ll supplement your unique customer data with your carrier and invoice data, for a broader picture of your whole parcel network.

Use this data during critical strategic moments, like upcoming RFP Evaluations, to make faster insight-driven decisions and identify powerful partnerships that help grow your network toward the goals that matter most.

Monitor goal progress in our online Customer Portal, where you can tap into powerful Business Intelligence (BI) reports and dashboards that ensure your network stays focused all year long.

GMT's Customer Portal
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Best-in-Class Audit

Our best-in-class parcel audit is famous for its down-to-the-penny accuracy and clean net bill, with a process designed to bring you as many savings as possible.

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Automated Cost Allocation

Intelligently and automatically divide spent into unique categories that reflect your parcel network, giving you increased visibility and insights into your budgets and forecasts.

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Carrier Contract Strategy

Move the needle forward by ensuring your carrier contracts are implemented to their fullest, while also gaining insights into which partnerships or opportunities benefit your parcel network the most.

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