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Tremendous Parcel and LTL Savings

Green Mountain Technology gives you unparalleled visibility into your network with our Parcel and LTL Spend Management solutions. Use our intelligent spend analysis software and our best-in-class audit system to optimize and reduce waste. Or go even farther and fortify your network with industry-expert strategic support (e.g., contract strategy).

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2020 Savings Review

4.1% avg. reduction in Parcel or LTL spend
1119% avg. ROI
1.3B shipments processed in 2020
$329M total client savings in 2020



Our solution is proven to reduce annual network spend by an average of 4.1% – and our customer ROI is typically high enough to pay for our service fees.

But more importantly, our customers see their ROI improve over time due to our continuous improvement business model. How? Easy, we customize our solutions to your unique network, and we keep identifying network opportunities and cost-saving objectives. So you continue to save.

ROI Savings Calculator


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