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LTL Spend Management

Our proven solution enables unparalleled LTL network optimization and success through our proven process focused on three key strategic areas: Process Automation, Network Intelligence, and Network Optimization.

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Illustration of duplicate invoices

Invoice Check

Perform various levels of duplicate invoice checks to filter out true duplicate invoices vs. adjusted invoices.

One convenient location for all your LTL data.

Our best-in-class LTL audit starts here. We combine your carrier and invoice data together for a complete transactional view of your network.

  • Optional TMS API integration. Connect your TMS to our LTL systems via APIs, which enable you to quote and tender shipments with both contracted and Intelligent Pricing™ carriers while also providing us a larger picture of your network activity and helping further reduce billing errors.
  • Pre-audit and duplicate invoice checks. From the very beginning, we confirm your network activity via initial pre-audits, rate audits, and multiple duplicate invoice checks.

Our software at work, customized to your unique business rules

Right from the start, we systematically assign costs to different GL strains or cost centers based on your specific business rules. There’s no back-end reallocation, so you’re able to more accurately forecast from the get-go.

  • See the big picture. We customize data labels to reflect your complete LTL network — giving you visibility to manage your spend across your DCs, fulfillment centers, vendors, and stores like never before.
Select carriers in your TMS/WMS

Automated Live Lane Specials™ Savings

Search in real time for Live Lane Specials™ to see if your exact shipping requirements qualify for reduced pricing with an applicable carrier’s optimization need. Live Lane Specials™ are an opportunity for rates below regular contracted terms.

Review and confirm questionable transactions within the Dispute Resolution Center

Increased Visibility via the Dispute Resolution Center

Utilize our Dispute Resolution Center to track shipment details, document images, and self-manage invoice exception processing.

Gain confidence in your data like never before.

See the magic of our best-in-class LTL audit here. With all of your data connected, your LTL data is verified for accuracy through the lenses of your automated business rules – from your contract terms, special savings opportunities, and even your credits. We bring you a complete and accurate view of your spend.

  • Best-in-class LTL auditing. A best-in-class LTL audit solution that tracks down-to-the penny means less risk overall, as well as stronger historical accuracy for improved budget forecasting.
  • Dispute Resolution Center. Dispute, resolve, and contact LTL carriers conveniently and seamlessly from our Dispute Resolution Center, no additional software needed.

Put your data to work.

  • Compare apples to apples, and to oranges. Our process automatically begins cleaning, labeling, and normalizing LTL data so you can start using that data to do more – like strategically plan DCs, understand the true LTL cost of departments, build more accurate forecasts, and so much more.
  • We process serious amounts of data. Our servers and software rise to the challenge every year to process more than 40 million transactions between major carriers during peak season alone, without delay.
  • Maintain historical data for analysis. Data trends become more apparent over time. We store up to 2 years of historical data, so you can see year-over-year trends to identify bottlenecks and act quickly to fix it.
Compare your Parcel and LTL networks

Compare Your Networks Like Never Before

Unlock new network optimization and cost mitigation opportunities by comparing, analyzing, and exploring like shipments with different network methods (such as hundredweight).

Put your data to work with powerful BI reports.

Stay in the loop with our Customer Portal, where powerful BI reports can be scheduled on demand and emailed directly to the team members of your choosing.

  • Make data-driven decisions, faster. Our powerful BI reports provide unmatched insights into the health and performance of your LTL network, with data and reports available to you online, 24/7.
  • No additional software needed. View our custom BI reports in the format you need them — including Excel, PDF, .CSV, and HTML — or never open an application, and simply login to our web-based Customer Portal.

Optimize your LTL network with our data, people, and resources.

Utilize our software to optimize your LTL network, or go a step further and utilize our dedicated team and resources to grow your business. The decision is yours.

  • An extension of your team. We assign you a dedicated team that partners with your internal resources (such as E-commerce, Finance, Logistics, Procurement, Supply Chain, and Transportation) to help you reach your LTL cost and service goals.
  • Manage your projects and priorities. We engage with our customers on a regular schedule to collectively manage LTL spend projects and priorities.

Finally, a strategic LTL roadmap based on predictive insights specific to you — your network, contracts, data.

Gain a dedicated LTL Spend Management team of business and strategy analysts/engineers able to model and quantify any what-if scenarios or changes to your network.

  • Create a strategic LTL roadmap. We work with you to create an effective LTL strategy aligned to your unique goals and challenges, and that all starts with understanding your LTL network goals, customer commitments, contract constraints, and unique network characteristics.
  • Tap into our market intelligence. Because we serve some of the largest and most complex parcel and LTL networks, we have a unique birds-eye-view of market trends and best practices.
  • Custom interactive models at your fingertips. Gain the ability to run scenarios to uncover the costs and savings of any initiative. Our data engineers can help you make intelligent decisions, simply by putting all the applicable data at your fingertips.

Gain confidence in your partners and contracts.

Know your carrier contracts and partners are part of your parcel strategy, rather than hindering it, with our dedicated solutions team that helps you manage contracts for pros, cons, and improvements.

  • Get the most out of your partnerships. We put your data to work for you to ensure you’re getting the highest ROI from your partnerships.
  • Best-in-class contract management. We load every rate, addendum, and guarantee of your carrier contracts into our system – allowing us to audit your bills down to the penny and powering our contact management process. We don’t negotiate with carriers, but we give you everything you need for effective and efficient negotiations.

Continuously improve your LTL network with GMT.

Growth doesn’t stop after first success. Keep growing, succeeding, and optimizing with GMT.

  • Quantify any opportunity. Our proprietary software allows us to model your network to reveal the exact cost and service impact of any potential opportunity under consideration.
  • Confidently make data driven decisions. You need to ensure buy-in for the investments made to improve performance of your LTL network. Regular savings reports are provided in monthly meetings, and every opportunity that’s evaluated by our team will include the cost to implement and/or the potential savings.

Process Automation Breakdown

So how do we begin? At GMT, we know the start is just as important as the end. Learn more about the exact steps that go into phase one of our LTL Spend Management solution: Process Automation.

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GMT works in partnership with Banyan Technology throughout the process of our LTL Spend Management solution, which allows GMT and our customers to communicate with (i.e. source and tender shipments) and receive data from their LTL carriers. Another benefit of this partnership is the availability of Live Lane Specials™ through Intelligent Pricing™ to our LTL customers.

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