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LTL Spend Management

Save money and make smarter decisions in your LTL network.

Elevate your LTL shipping network with down-to-the-penny visibility and unparalleled strategic support. Fueled by our best-in-class audit and tech-enabled cost allocation services. Plan, execute, and monitor your LTL spend like never before.

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Key Features

Increased Visibility
and Data Consistency

Cost allocation as unique as you

We build custom business rules (specific to your operations) utilized during cost allocation to ensure your LTL network costs are always attributed the way you need them.

Best-in-class LTL auditing

Put our famous best-in-class audit solution to work and audit down-to-the-penny or as closely to variance as possible – you decide.

Gain a strategic LTL partner

Leverage the power and resources of GMT’s award-winning team to guide your LTL transportation strategy. We’re a partner, not a provider.


“With GMT, we have 100% confidence that our LTL shipments are billed correctly and we’re getting unparalleled visibility, heads and shoulders above anything we’ve seen in the past, allowing us to make smarter decisions that really move the needle.”

Sr. Logistics Manager, Leading Specialty Retailer

Our Process

It all starts here.

Process Automation

What exactly occurs (and is required) of the first phase of our LTL Spend Management solution? find out now.

How LTL Spend
Management Works

Our proven solution enables unparalleled LTL network success through three distinct areas of focus and optimization. Find out what they are.

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Go Further

Straight from
Your System

Connect us to your TMS/WMS for increased visibility opportunities. Seek and select LTL quotes like you’ve always done, and we’ll receive additional data to utilize during cost allocation and auditing – providing new layers of depth to your LTL strategy.

Find additional dynamic real-time discounts with Live Lane Specials™ from your LTL carriers straight within your transportation system, too. No additional software needed.

Choose prices within your TMS, no additional software needed.
What are Live Lane Specials™?

Our solution relies on Intelligent Pricing™ to instantly connect you with your LTL carriers for unique and situational discounts, known as Live Lane Specials™*. These are real-time discounts created by your LTL carriers, typically to fill a one-time savings opportunity.

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*Live Lane Specials™ factors may include: Zip Code Range – Origin or Destination, Total Shipment Weight, Day of the Week – Pickup, Pallet Counts, Pick-ups per location, Account codes. Density, Accessorials, and many more.

Opportunity to Control Pricing

We’ve partnered with Banyan Technology to provide you Live Lane Specials™ by way of Intelligent Pricing™, a benefit we strongly believe helps you monitor and control what matters most – pricing.

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Dispute Resolution Center

Quickly and directly resolve billing errors and communicate with carriers from our convenient Dispute Resolution Center portal.

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Live Lane Specials™ and Intelligent Pricing™

What are Live Lane Specials™ and Intelligent Pricing™? Learn more about automated and exclusive LTL savings opportunities that connect seamlessly into your TMS.

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LTL Charge Code Support

Are you missing critical data insights and trends because of generic or blank charge codes? Our charge code support brings new accuracy to your LTL audit.

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