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LTL Spend Management Tools

Live Lane Specials™
and Intelligent Pricing™

A dynamic pricing solution for LTL shippers.

Intelligent Pricing™ allows you to instantly connect with your LTL carriers for unique and situational discounts, known as Live Lane Specials™, directly within your TMS.
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Situational Discounts Created by LTL Carriers

Live Lane Specials™ are situational discounts created by LTL carriers that often fill a one-time savings opportunity. If one of our LTL customer’s shipment attributes match the exact opportunity, the Live Lane Specials™ discount appears alongside standard rates within your TMS as an opportunity.

Save 8% Per Shipment

An estimated 10-15% of a customer’s shipment may qualify for IP with an average savings of 7–8% per shipment.

Variety of Savings Factors

Live Lane Specials™ are based on a variety of savings factors (i.e. zip code range, total shipment weight, pickup/delivery time, and more), meaning increased opportunities to save.

No Software Needed

View and select available Live Lane Specials™ conveniently and seamlessly within your TMS – no additional software needed.

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LTL Spend Management

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GMT works in partnership with Banyan Technology throughout the process of our LTL Spend Management solution, which allows GMT and our customers to communicate with (i.e. source and tender shipments) and receive data from their LTL carriers. Another benefit of this partnership is the availability of Live Lane Specials™ through Intelligent Pricing™ to our LTL customers.