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LTL Spend Management Tools

Dispute Resolution Center

Screenshot of GMT's LTL Dispute Resolution Center

Dispute, resolve, contact

LTL carriers conveniently and seamlessly from our resolution portal, no additional software needed.
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Resolve and Track LTL Shipping Errors at Any Time

Self-service common billing errors, shipment details, and invoice exceptions all within the online Dispute Resolution Center, 24/7.

Resolve Billing Errors

Quickly flag, dispute, and resolve billing errors directly with carriers from one convenient location. Carrier responses also managed within the resolution portal, so you can take action faster.

Track Shipment Data

Invoices, document images, and additional shipment details are pulled automatically to the resolution portal, so you can be sure of the best next step when errors occur.

Increased Visibility

GMT has access to all of your Dispute Resolution Center data, so we can help identify and manage carrier conflicts when necessary.

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