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Parcel & LTL Spend Management Tools

Cost Allocation

Automated cost allocation
for increased financial accuracy.

Our Parcel and LTL cost allocation process is an automated solution that utilizes custom business rules to attribute and label each individual transaction as if you were doing it by hand. Divide spend into unique categories (specific GL string and cost centers, departments, brands, divisions, and more) that bring new meaning and accuracy to your spend data. Gain the whole picture of your network’s spend and start budgeting and forecasting better.

Parcel and LTL Cost Allocation
Done Right from the Very Beginning

Intelligent cost allocation is a powerful but timely endeavor. When we built our automated solution, we knew it had to include lessons learned from helping allocate the world’s largest brands and begin data labeling as early as possible, because you shouldn’t have to reinvest saved time in reallocation.

A Powerful Parcel and LTL Audit Partner

Working hand-in-hand with our best-in-class audit solution, our Parcel and LTL cost allocation is unmatched thanks to the synergy created by labeling your shipments at the point of audit validation. Also like our audit, we utilize your custom business rules to logically segment and filter your shipping activity as if you were doing it yourself. Learn more about Parcel Spend Management and LTL Spend Management.

Finally, a Powerful Automated Service

Our automated solution is not a dud. We’ve taken over 20 years of lessons and best practices learned from helping the world’s largest companies allocate their spend and built a powerful cost allocation process committed to data intelligence and accuracy.

Cost Allocation as Unique as You

The success and accuracy of our cost allocation begins with you – your business rules to be exact. We work with you to define your cost allocation process and build repeatable rules that allow your expenses to automatically be attributed and labeled as if you were doing it yourself.

Build a Better Budget and Forecast

We offer a complete picture of your network’s spend, so you can accurately track expenses by department, brand, division, or other custom categories important to you. Use this new data intelligence to more accurately budget and forecast your network finances.