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World-Class Parcel Spend Management Engineered for Competitive Edge

Confidently make the data-driven, multi-millon dollar decisions required in today’s supply chain. Our business model and proprietary software is designed to help you compete at the speed of today’s parcel industry with unmatched parcel expertise and award winning resources.

What is Parcel Spend Management?

Learn more about Parcel Spend Management.

Implement your parcel strategy like never before, with best-in-class service

No other vendor works exclusively with the largest parcel shippers in the world, collectively managing over $7 billion in parcel spend. Here’s why.

See the Big Picture

Your parcel network is vast. That’s why we customize data labels to reflect your parcel network. You’ll have complete visibility to manage your spend.

Make Data-Driven Decisions, Faster

Our powerful BI reports provide unmatched insights into the health and performance of your parcel network, with data and reports available to you online, 24/7.

Quantify Your Opportunities

Our unique re-rating software leverages your historical data to support data-driven decision making, so you can be 100% sure of potential savings or costs.

Support for Every Role

Leadership Finance IT Operations


Lead with Stronger and Faster Decisions

Understanding the big picture of your parcel network is key to leading your company forward, and that’s exactly what we provide — along with a best-in-class audit and extensive support.

  • Know the weight (and the ROI) of your parcel decisions, down to the penny.
  • Avoid mistakes and limit risks by modeling solutions that take into account your parcel constraints beforehand.
  • Refine your parcel strategy with a dedicated data engineering team focused on helping you grow.


Protection Down to the Penny

Your parcel constraints are complex and many, and so are your financial risks. Gain clarity and confidence into your parcel network’s finance decisions like never before.

  • A best-in-class audit means no penny is left behind.
  • Forecast ahead of your competitors with thorough parcel opportunity modeling. Obtain the ability to speak to actual (versus forecasted) variances with detailed knowledge.
  • Focus on meaningful rather than mundane tasks by automating carrier payment reporting, cost allocation, and accrual reporting.


Secure Data Management for Peace of Mind

Our solution is entirely managed by us, so you don’t have to – meaning parcel management technology issues no longer take up critical time from your IT support team.

  • Our processes and platform are audited each year and meet SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II compliance.
  • We exchange data using secure network protocols.
  • No additional software needed, our solution is entirely accessible via our secure web-based Customer Portal.


Best-in-Class Support and Service

Successfully operating your parcel network means more than simply recognizing your constraints — it means problem solving those constraints into optimized strategic decisions. We become an extension of your team by providing a dedicated team focused on your network’s growth.

  • Gain the knowledge you need to execute brand strategy and leverage your parcel network at its lowest cost and optimal service.
  • Our customer support is unmatched and backed by data engineers.
  • Avoid mistakes and limit risk by modeling solutions to your parcel constraints beforehand.
Case Study

Down-to-the-Penny Audit Discovers Millions in Savings for Fortune 500 Company

GMT’s best-in-class audit saved this Fortune 500 Company $11M. GMT’s system seamlessly pin-pointed the changing billing errors and provided corrected billing documentation.

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