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Spend Management Tools

Parcel and LTL Reporting

Do more with your network,
by unlocking its own data.

Leverage data from your carrier, invoices, and network to gain a fuller picture of your Parcel and LTL operations, helping you monitor the KPIs that matter most and make faster data-driven decisions. Utilize our powerful Customer Portal and BI reports to identify beneficial cost savings opportunities, check the overall health of your network, or find the data needed to support major network changes.

Parcel and LTL Reporting
Gain Control Over Your Network

When we created our Customer Portal and BI reports, we did so with 20 years of lessons learned from the world’s largest brands. With our data reporting tools available, you’re tapping into data intelligence and KPI best practices from literal giants. Tap into the right data and gain control over your Parcel and LTL network optimization and cost savings opportunities.

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Powerful Data at Your Fingertips

Our Customer Portal is packed with a variety of standard reports that help you monitor critical KPIs and make data-lead decisions to grow your business. And we’ve designed these reports to be valuable to the departments and roles that rely on collaboration most, focusing on Account Management, Weekly Processing, Financial/Month End, Freight Management, and Executive reports.

BI Reports and KPIs that Matter Most

Dig into BI reports meant to turn KPIs into powerful insights, like our Cost Review report that shows your total packages and package cost for a period, with the ability to compare between periods or YOY. Our powerful BI tool can capture and store millions of records over multiple years.

Subscribe to Reports

Get the data you need when you need it by having key reports pulled and emailed to you and/or additional team members based on a schedule of your choosing.

Go Further with a Strategic Partner

GMT is here to help – we’ll provide you a strategic team dedicated to the growth of your whole network, analyzing and interpreting your data alongside you.