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Parcel & LTL Spend Management Tools

Best-in-Class Audit

Down-to-the-penny accuracy,
and no short pay.

Our best-in-class parcel and LTL audits are designed to bring you as many savings as possible by way of increased visibility and no short pay. We start by combining your carrier data, contract terms, and invoices to validate each and every transaction. Disputes are resolved directly with carriers, so you never pay more than you owe.

Parcel Audit
A Best-in-Class Clean Net Bill

Our best-in-class parcel audit is famous for its clean net bill. We track and audit each and every package from manifest to doorstep, so you never have to doubt our down-to-the-penny accuracy.

LTL Audit
Charge Code Support

Say hello to down-to-the-penny LTL audit accuracy with charge code support – criteria-based import mapping rules (from quantity, weight, packaging code, and freight class) that vary by carrier, so you always have data confidence.

You’ve Never Had an Audit Like This

Our parcel and LTL audits begin with your unique business rules, utilizing your logic and unique contract terms to validate and label each transaction. With such a holistic view, we’re better able to seek out every possible savings opportunity, and we work directly with carriers when disputes are identified. Say goodbye to short pay and hello to audit confidence with Parcel Spend Management and LTL Spend Management.

A Clean Net Bill

Our automated and tech-fueled parcel audit brings you a clean net bill by checking each transaction for disputes (such as late deliveries, duplicate charges, inaccurate dimensional weights, all the way to missing or incomplete contract discounts and more).

Down-to-the-Penny Accuracy

We’re serious about down-to-the-penny accuracy. When it comes to our parcel and LTL audits, we validate your entire historical data. That’s right, we individually confirm each and every transaction – we never use sample sizes to cut corners.

A Manifest Start

Both our parcel and LTL audits use as much upfront data as possible to gain a full understanding of each transaction. We work to understand the whole picture of your network by combining your carrier data, contract terms, business rules, and invoices.