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2020 Peak Season Parcel Carrier Satisfaction Survey

How are your parcel carriers performing during the 2020 peak holiday season? Let Green Mountain Technology know with our carrier performance survey!

2020 Carrier Satisfaction Survey

The 2020 Peak Season has arrived! But with carrier capacity constraints abounding combined with increasing and new surcharges, many eyes are watching to see how the Parcel industry will perform as a whole this year. Of course, an integral part to understanding what’s happening within the industry is shipper feedback (hello, you!).

We at Green Mountain Technology thought this would be the ideal year to bring back a fan favorite: the annual Peak Season Carrier Scorecard. So, we’ve put together a very brief survey (3 questions max) to do just that.

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What questions do we ask?

This year, we’ve chosen to rely on 2 key questions, plus an open format “Additional Comments” box. Feel free to say as much or as little as you like!

  • How happy are you with the service you receive from the following carriers?
    • In this question, we ask you to assign a 1-5 ranking (1 being the most dissatisfied, and 5 being the most satisfied) to the top 9 Parcel carriers across the U.S. If you haven’t worked with a particular carrier this peak season, that’s okay – just select “N/A” for not applicable.
  • Overall, how happy are you with the service you receive from your carrier(s)?
    • Again using the 1-5 satisfaction scale, we’re seeking to understand your overall general satisfaction with Parcel carriers this peak season.
  • Any additional comments about your carrier service?
    • Please feel free to add additional comments about your Parcel carrier experience this peak season. Whether your comment is about one carrier, or generally all carriers, we’re happy to received feedback to understand how Parcel shippers are feeling this year.

How will your feedback be used?

Collected responses are completely anonymous, and for that reason we would like to share the results with you and the Green Mountain Technology audience via some form of article or white paper shortly after this year’s Parcel peak season ends. We believe firmly that each completed survey helps our readers gain new insights into our changed industry, and may very well help shape 2021 for the better. Ensure you receive the results by signing up for our newsletter using the form below!

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2020 Carrier Satisfaction Survey

 Written by Cam Elliott

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