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2020 Holiday Shopping Trends

Are holiday shoppers responding to key Parcel strategies? Our infographic dives into a first look at 2020’s peak season consumer spending.

2020 Holiday Shopping Trends

The week after Thanksgiving means we are officially halfway through 2020’s peak season – one of the most highly watched and anticipated peak holiday seasons for the Parcel and transportation industries. COVID-19 continues to push E-Commerce spending higher, while further disrupting the Parcel industry as a whole with both capacity concerns and rising surcharges.

Below is our first look at how shoppers are navigating holiday shopping this year. And if you’re a shipper, let us know how your Parcel carriers are performing via our quick (two questions and one comment box!) 2020 Peak Season Parcel Carrier Satisfaction Survey.

2020 Holiday Shopping Trends
2020 Holiday Shopping Trends

 Written by Cam Elliott

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