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7-Day and Weekend Delivery


What are 7-Day Delivery and Weekend Delivery?

7-Day Delivery and Weekend Delivery are both shipping strategies utilized by parcel carriers and parcel shippers to deliver goods to customers. Frequently mistaken as synonymous, the two strategies share similarities but ultimately benefit and challenge your parcel network in distinct ways.


In the News

Since you’re reading this page, you’ve likely noticed that 7 Day Delivery and Weekend Delivery have received widespread media coverage in 2020.

Why? Because two major shipping carriers, FedEx and UPS, announced they would be offering 7-Day Delivery to applicable customers starting this year.

FedEx 7-Day Delivery Announcement
May 30, 2019: FedEx announces 7-Day Delivery offering for FedEx Ground starting in January 2020.

On May 30, 2019, FedEx announced that FedEx Ground would begin supporting 7-Day Delivery starting in January 2020.

While 7-Day Delivery is not a new service for FedEx, delivery during all seven days of the week has previously been reserved solely for peak holiday season.

UPS 7-Day Delivery Announcement
July 24, 2019: UPS announces 7-Day Delivery starting January 1, 2020.

Less than a month after the FedEx announcement, UPS announced it would also be offering 7-Day Delivery starting January 1, 2020.

What’s the big deal?

Much of the excitement surrounds the competition spurred between the two carriers to provide 7-Day Delivery first and best.

The offering also comes from each carrier’s desire to help parcel shippers deliver faster than ever before – an increasing desire of online shoppers. It’s no secret that E-Commerce stores feel an increasing pressure from online shoppers to deliver fast and free.

For many E-Commerce businesses, the carrier(s) able to help them deliver on that customer driven desire will likely be the primary parcel carrier for their business.


What’s the difference between 7-Day Delivery and Weekend Delivery?

The immediate difference between 7-Day Delivery and Weekend Delivery boils down to when delivery occurs.

In a 7-Day Day Delivery equipped parcel network, parcel shippers work with parcel carriers to ship and deliver packages seven days out of the week. This means your parcel network is operating and moving throughout the whole week; however, your customer may or may not receive their package during the actual weekend.

Alternatively, in a Weekend Delivery equipped parcel network, parcel shippers work with parcel carriers to deliver packages during the weekend when possible. Need an example? Think of an E-Commerce store that offers Weekend Delivery to its customers. Assuming an online order meets all the Weekend Delivery conditions for the store (such as Zip Code support or timing, more on that below) the store prompts a weekend delivery date to the customer at checkout. If the customer elects for the weekend delivery option, the parcel network’s goal for that specific order is to ensure its commitment to the customer to deliver on the selected weekend.


7-Day Delivery Defined

7-Day Delivery and Shipping is a parcel carrier offering that allows your parcel network to ship and delivery seven days out of the week.

Sounds simple right? Unfortunately, 7-Day Delivery comes with a wide range of complexities, many that may be unanticipated by parcel shippers. However, if the conditions are right for your parcel network, the benefits of a 7-Day Delivery equipped parcel network may outweigh the challenges.

Pros and Cons

One of the most rewarding benefits of a 7-Day Delivery equipped parcel network is the constant movement of your parcel network. In a traditional parcel network, shipment activity is limited to Monday-Friday and completely stops during the weekend.

Such stop and go activity often creates bottlenecks within your parcel network. For many, the purpose of Parcel Spend Management is to focus on network optimization opportunities that minimize these very bottlenecks as much as possible.

Here are a few more advantages and disadvantages of 7-Day Delivery:

For more information on 7-Day Delivery, watch our webinar: Weekend Delivery: An Innovative Strategy to Delight Customers.


Weekend Delivery Defined

Weekend Delivery is a parcel carrier offering that allows your parcel network to deliver parcels to your customers during the weekend.

Like 7-Day Delivery, Weekend Delivery has both pros and cons for your parcel network.

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