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Updated 1 month ago

Welcome to Shipped Monthly

GMT’s Shipped Monthly unboxes the latest Parcel and LTL industry news each month! Below, you’ll find all of the latest Shipped Monthly columns.

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GMT's Shipped Monthly column

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2 weeks ago
Supply Chain Still Future Focused, Economic Concerns Persist

Carriers continue to raise prices planning the supply chain of tomorrow, but what’s around the economic corner?

3 months ago
FedEx Fred Smith Announces Successor, Effective June 1

Raj Subramaniam will step into the role of FedEx CEO effective June 1, 2022. Meanwhile, all carriers remained focused on future supply chain.

5 months ago
USPS Announces New 2022 Surcharges

Effective April 3, 2022, two new USPS surcharges will go into effect. Others implement leadership changes and await quarterly earnings.

6 months ago
Working Smarter: Carriers Target Efficiency Opportunities

Parcel and LTL carriers remain focused on the next frontier of shipping and continue to invest in process automation and improvement.

7 months ago
2022: Supply Chain Issues May Ease but Parcel & LTL Costs Set to Rise

This year's Parcel and LTL marketplaces welcome rising costs to not just meet demand but lead the future markets.


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