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Parcel Reporting

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How do you keep up to date in the fast paced parcel industry? Rely on us to bring you the latest parcel industry news, from 7-Day to Drone Delivery and everything in-between.
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What is Parcel Reporting?

Parcel reporting is the process of identifying specific KPIs for your unique parcel network to manage success metrics. As is most often the case, the exact KPIs or success metrics used in reporting varies from shipper to shipper, as these metrics are ideally customized to the constraints and strengths of your individual parcel network.

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7 months ago

Leading Insights From GMT's Annual Parcel Benchmark Report

GMT's own Director of Operations, D. Aaron Guild, and distinguished faculty fellow from UT GSCI, John Lebowitz present takeaways and insights from our 2020 Benchmark Report.

7 months ago

Transportation Trends and the Impact of COVID-19

Insights from GMT's annual Benchmark Report. Featuring Chris Johnson, Senior Analyst at Cleveland Research Center.


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