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What is a Parcel Omnichannel?

A parcel Omnichannel is a tech enabled fulfillment strategy that utilizes all distribution channels within your parcel network to meet the needs and desires of your customers.


How Does Omnichannel Work?

The Omnichannel process typically begins when a consumer finds your product online, often from a mobile device. Utilizing the consumer’s location data and your inventory levels, your online store then presents a variety of shipping or in-store pick up options to the consumer. Often these choices are the result of a combined effort between your closest distribution centers, local brick-and-mortar stores, and last mile delivery partners. As you can imagine, the power of this process comes from deep integration between technology and each of your distribution channels.


What are the Requirements of an Omnichannel Parcel Network?

Though exact requirements vary between each parcel network (reminder, a quality Parcel Spend Management system is always customized to the realities and needs of your parcel network), at the end of the day Omnichannel strategies generally require:

  • Increased visibility into your parcel network data, especially your inventory. Such Big Data is paramount to being able to allocate and fulfill consumer wants as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • A digital distribution network (vs. a traditional one). Real time data of what’s happening across and between all of your distribution channels is required.
  • Imagination and flexibility. Many of your physical assets and even your partnerships can be used to support an Omnichannel strategy – the possibilities are as endless as your imagination and willingness to persist for the highest customer experience possible.

Why Choose Omnichannel?

Omnichannel strategies are incredibly effective for delivering quality customer experiences for large and complex parcel networks. This approach relies on technology and Big Data to adapt your parcel strategy to what’s best for the consumer at the time they are shopping – and that’s an important distinction to make. Omnichannel strategies require real time data from your store, your TMS/WMS, and your consumer. The end goal is to deliver what and when the customer wants.

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