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How do you keep up to date in the fast paced parcel industry? Rely on us to bring you the latest parcel industry news, from 7-Day to Drone Delivery and everything in-between.
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10 months ago

7 Inefficiencies That Could Be Slowing Down Your Supply Chain

An efficient supply chain is one that meets customer expectations in a cost-effective manner. With two-day delivery (or less) becoming the retail standard for customers, balancing cost and customer service is no small feat.

11 months ago

Put Your Parcel Audit to Work with 3 Critical Steps

Parcel auditing is a necessary task for shippers in today’s rapidly growing parcel market. Without an accurate auditing system, shippers stand to lose a significant amount of money due to billing errors as well as the valuable data created by the audit.

12 months ago

Leveraging Data to Properly Integrate a New DC

Your customers are expecting faster and faster delivery times each year, all while you are trying to cut costs. Adding a distribution center (DC) will most likely decrease your average distance to your customers. However, to make adding a DC a profitable venture, you will need to leverage your data.

1 year ago

Four Steps to Evaluating Distribution Center Locations

The quick fix for fast order fulfillment is using an express service, but in a world where shippers are constantly battling rising costs, that is not a sustainable option. Placing distribution centers (DCs) in the correct location can provide a long-term, sustainable option to reduce fulfillment time. Are your current DCs placed in the most optimal locations? Here are four steps in evaluating the location of distribution centers.

2 years ago

4 Common Fees to Monitor for Supply Chain Savings

As logistic departments focus more time and energy on meeting fast order fulfillment, it can become inherently difficult to save money without changing the mix of services used to less premium ones. More often than not, managers are squeezing their network like a tube of toothpaste: getting every last drop out. Take advantage of the low hanging fruit in your network with four simple, yet powerful key performance indicators that focus on maintaining a healthy network by reducing unnecessary and often avoidable fees.

2 years ago

Keeping Up With Amazon: Keys to Evaluating a Fast Shipping Model

As a result of the ongoing rise in e-commerce and the growth of Amazon Prime (which has an estimated 80 million US members), today’s online shoppers have very different expectations when it comes to fast and free shipping than they did just a few years ago. In order to compete, many retailers are considering adopting a similar strategy to fulfill orders much more quickly to meet those consumer expectations. However, it is challenging for transportation executives to manage the competing objectives of keeping costs down while pursuing a significantly faster fulfillment network.

2 years ago

5 Hidden Things to Look for During a Parcel Bid Event

In every bid event, you want to make sure you have all your bases covered and are setting yourself up for a great relationship with your carrier over the life of the contract. Fully understanding your parcel contract, including some of the easily overlooked pieces, can help mitigate future disagreements or unexpected budget issues.

3 years ago

Growing Pains: Being Prepared for the Constraints of Network Optimization

Most parcel and LTL shippers identify fast order fulfillment (fewer than two days) as their number one strategic focus, but a common problem affecting these shippers is their ability to actually implement the various optimization opportunities available to them. Being able to proactively identify and prepare for these constraints is the key to implementing an optimization strategy and gaining the maximum return on your investments.

6 years ago

Avoiding Operational Pitfalls in a Dynamic Parcel Network

As the pressure to stay ahead of the competition has increased, many shippers are working to increase flexibility in their networks. A common goal for shippers is developing a nimble network to meet the high expectations of consumers... Well-meant intentions can result in increased cost and poor service if quality processes for operational execution are not deployed...

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