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LTL Spend Management

Updated 2 months ago
What is LTL Spend Management?

What is LTL Spend Management?

A Big Data technology solution, LTL Spend Management (LSM) provides you new data insights and unparalleled visibility into the spend of your LTL network, as well as related optimization opportunities.

Green Mountain Technology’s own LSM solution combines a Best-in-Class LTL Audit system with intelligent and proprietary spend analysis software to identify network opportunities and assist with contract strategy. GMT also offers a counterpart Parcel Spend Management solution.

Why Choose LTL Spend Management?

Why Choose LTL Spend Management?

It’s no secret the world of LTL has significant data challenges: most notably, a prominent lack of visibility and clarity around everyday transactions that’s driven by complexity and lack of consistency across a broad array of carriers.

This challenge is largely due to the very nature of LTL itself – multiple carriers to choose from in any given market; different pricing/rating structures that include different base rates, discounts, FAK’s and earned discounts; varying degrees and surcharges. Each of these need to be considered with every LTL decision and tied into combining price, service, and cost effectiveness. Frequent LTL network visibility challenges include:

  • Inaccurate billing
  • Volatile fee structures/billing
  • Limited auditing
  • A frustrating short pay process
  • And lack of carrier dispute resolution
Why Choose GMT?

Why Choose GMT

Consistency and data-based decision making are critical factors largely missing from LTL transportation, and their noticeable absence plays a significant factor in your success.

At GMT, we bring innovation and technology together to solve such challenges and help large companies manage their transportation spend at a level they could not reach on their own. Our LTL Spend Management solution helps you plan, execute, and monitor your LTL spend with renewed confidence. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Straight from Your TMS: We integrate directly with your TMS, so you can request pricing in one convenient location without additional software or systems.
  • Best-in-Class Auditing: Our parcel auditing is famous for it’s “down-to-the-penny” accuracy, and we utilize those same principles to audit your LTL as closely to variance as possible.
  • Intelligent Pricing™: Just like LTL shippers, LTL carriers are seeking to optimize their transportation – and that often means grouping like orders with like origins or destinations to reduce costs and speed up delivery. Search in real time for Intelligent Pricing™ to see if your exact shipping requirements qualify for reduced pricing with an applicable carrier’s optimization need. Intelligent Pricing™ present an opportunity for rates below regular contracted terms.
  • LTL the GMT Way: Leverage the power and resources of GMT’s award-winning team to guide your LTL transportation to a more holistic strategy and long-term success.

Visit our solutions page to learn more about GMT’s spend management solutions.

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