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The GMT Summit

May 11-14, 2022

The Conference for Supply Chain Leaders

The GMT Summit has been GMT’s premier event for high volume shippers for the past 16 years.

Attendees come together to openly discuss the newest trends and concerns in the Parcel and LTL markets, highlighting supply chain trends, strategic best practices, GMT innovation, and the results of the annual GMT Benchmark Report.

Industry Trends

Unpack the leading trends shaping our industry's future

Market Analysis

Dig into items like cost inflation and supply & demand to assess the current market

Industry Review

Review the strategic best practices that guided shippers successfully through the year

GMT Benchmark Report

And of course, receive the annual GMT Benchmark Report!

Review the Supply Chain Industry

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Last Year's Schedule

  • May 11 @12:00PM CST

    Webinar 1 Six Years in Six Months: How The Parcel and Broader Transport Markets Changed With COVID-19

    Join Chris Johnson, Senior Analyst at Cleveland Research, as he digs into the industry's prevailing strategies and trends. Chris will specifically focus on shipper best practices and experiences for parcel shipping as part of a high-level analysis of overall transportation markets and strategy.

    Speaker: Chris Johnson

  • May 18 @12:00PM CST

    Webinar 2 Parcel Market Analysis: Lessons from Shippers Navigating a Changed Marketplace

    Join GMT's own Justin Guthrie and Sam Sealey, as they seek to answer precisely this question. Using data from this year's GMT Benchmark Report, they'll review many of the leading marketplace factors - from the general carrier mix, cost inflation, and a general look at supply and demand from the year.

    Speakers: Justin Guthrie and Sam Sealey

  • May 25 @12:00PM CST

    Webinar 3 Parcel Industry Review: Shipper Trends Shaping Our Future

    Join GMT's own Rebecca Wyatt and Tommy Duke, as they dive into this year's GMT Benchmark Report and provide analysis to many of the report's most valuable data insights, ranging from the competitive environment, fast order fulfillment, brand positioning and more.

    Speakers: Rebecca Wyatt and Tommy Duke

Meet Last Year's Speakers

Chris Johnson

Senior Analyst at the Cleveland Research Center, Chris not only oversees the research for our annual GMT Benchmark Report, he returns to the Parcel Summit year-after-year to present the report's findings.

Justin Guthrie

A Strategic Solutions Manager here at GMT, Justin recently completed research for a webinar and white paper series focused on carrier diversification and regional carriers.

Sam Sealey

A familiar GMT face, Sam is a Strategic Solutions Manager that leads many of our conversations around Parcel industry trends, such as weekend delivery.

Rebecca Wyatt

A dedicated GMT Strategic Solutions Manager, Rebecca often leads industry conversations centered around customer needs, such as her contract management advice during the pandemic.

Tommy Duke

A frequent and friendly face at Parcel industry events, Tommy is one of our go-to Strategic Solutions Manager when it comes to understanding shipper trends.

Stay in Step with the Supply Chain Industry

The GMT Summit Takeaways

Each year, the GMT Summit attendees receive priority access to the GMT Benchmark Report. Shortly after the GMT Summit, attendees receive the full GMT Benchmark Report via email.

What is the GMT Benchmark Report?

Our annual survey-based report combines an exploration of Parcel and LTL industry trends with critical market analysis, ultimately allowing you to gain an overview of larger market. In addition, valuable survey information allows you to benchmark your network against your peers. Learn more about the report.

Plus Fun 'Shipper-Only' Events

Our attendees tell us year-after-year that the ability to network and have fun with industry peers is one of the most valuable components of the GMT Summit. We offer 'Shipper Only' events, so you can openly discuss challenges and solutions for your network with your peers.

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