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Stay in Step with the Parcel Industry

GMT Parcel Benchmark Report

Green Mountain Technology’s annual Parcel Benchmark Report is a great resource for any parcel shipper’s toolbox. Gain a quick understanding of where your network (and network strategies) falls amongt your peers, as well critical industry insights regarding best practices and trends for this year and the next.
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GMT's 2020 Benchmark was the fifth annual report!

The 2021 GMT Benchmark Report is our sixth edition.

An Annual Pursuit

Helping Parcel Shippers Navigate a Complex Industry

What is the GMT Benchmark Report?

The GMT Benchmark Report is a performance indicator report designed to help Parcel shippers identify the industry best practices and trends that will move the needle for their Parcel networks.

We work collaboration with Cleveland Research to survey some of the world’s largest and most complex parcel shippers in order to yield data-based insights, industry defining trends, and critical strategic practices to help Parcel shippers navigate an increasingly complex industry.

Who are our survey respondents?

To ensure an equitable but insightful industry viewpoint, we target shippers serving both consumer (often in the form of retail) and industrial markets, operating from a variety of network strategies and transportation modes. In 2021, 42% of our respondents were retailers or distributors, E-Commerce sales represented 28% of average sales for 79 respondents, and about half of all respondents had a Parcel spend of $51 million or more.

Parcel Network Performance Indicator

Benchmark Your Practices

Dig into peer network data and discover industry averages

What is the average cost inflation (and their drivers) for parcel shippers like you? How much do your peers spend across carriers and services? How do shippers plan to mitigate rising costs, and which carriers are part of their strategy? Our Benchmark answers all these questions and more!

Learn which trends and best practices are top-of-mind for peers

From order fulfillment strategies, return policies, and planned shifts in carrier volumes, services, and spend, discover what’s at the forefront of Parcel network strategies across the industry, helping you identify whether you’re behind, in step with, or ahead of Parcel peers.

Utilize data-based insights to shape your new year strategy

Review what worked – or didn’t work – for Parcel shippers this year, and gain insights into how your peers plan to navigate similar challenges in the new year, giving you new data insights and tools to plan your own Parcel network strategy for success.

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What else will I gain from the GMT Benchmark Report?

The objective of this Benchmark is to develop thought leadership content regarding:

  • Brand strategy trends for creating the right consumer experience
  • Emerging order fulfillment and parcel transportation solutions to execute brand strategy
  • Challenges and best practices for order fulfillment in a rapidly evolving marketplace

In addition to content that speaks to the above, you’ll gain:

  • YOY analysis of important industry key performance indicators, such as annual parcel spend, parcel volume by carrier, cost inflation, e-commerce fulfillment, and more.
  • Invaluable insights into more complex strategy components, such as the most important strategic focuses and greatest strategic challenges of industry peers.
  • Industry analysis of any new carrier service offerings introduced prior to the GMT Benchmark Report survey.

You’ll also have access to a variety of GMT Benchmark Report data presentations in the form of articles, infographics, and webinars from our annual Parcel Summit.

A Disrupted Industry

The Impact of COVID-19

The upcoming 2021 report will directly address how COVID-19 has impacted the network strategies and profitability of Parcel shippers like you, as well as critical E-Commerce strategies and industry averages.

You don’t want to miss the 2021 GMT Benchmark Report.

Note: The survey for our 2020 GMT Benchmark Report was completed before COVID-19 changed the Parcel industry, possibly forever.

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