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About William, Solutions Engineer at GMT

William Cordell is a Solutions Engineer, Green Mountain Technology. His focus is on connecting with clients and developing unique solutions to address their needs by performing analyses on their parcel shipping data, modeling cost reduction scenarios, and developing process improvement opportunities.

  • Validation and Verification: Making the Most of Your Parcel Audit

    Photo: Paper planes with one deviating from path
    Validation looks at “Did I get what I paid for?” whereas verification looks at “Did I request the right thing?” A common factor seen in the attempt to answer these questions is the utilization of a parcel audit. A traditional parcel audit can help to shed light on two issues regularly seen with high-volume shipping.
  • Growing Pains: Being Prepared for the Constraints of Network Optimization

    Laptop open to data screen with charts
    Most parcel and LTL shippers identify fast order fulfillment (fewer than two days) as their number one strategic focus, but a common problem affecting these shippers is their ability to actually implement the various optimization opportunities available to them. Being able to proactively identify and prepare for these constraints is the key to implementing an optimization strategy and gaining the maximum return on your investments.
  • Additional Cost Increases Coming for FedEx Parcel Shippers

    FedEx Logo
    It was recently reported at FedEx's Q3 earnings call that beginning June 1, FedEx will be reducing its additional handling package length threshold from 60 inches down to 48 inches on all ground shipments. According to FedEx's Mike Glenn, this change was made primarily as a way to leverage the costs and labor associated with the growing e-commerce volume. So what does this mean for you? Industry expert William Cordell explains.