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About Sam, Strategic Solutions Manager at GMT

Sam Sealey is a Strategic Solutions Manager at Green Mountain Technology, a Parcel Spend Management service provider for shippers with over 10 million parcels per year. In this role, Sam partners with clients representing over $700 million in annual parcel spend to provide our strategic Parcel Spend Management solutions – Network Optimization, Spend Analytics, and Contract Management. Sam has more than 12 years of parcel experience working in various engineering, analytical, and management roles at UPS, Johnson & Johnson, and GMT. Sam holds a Master of Science Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Auburn University, a Bachelor of Science Degree in General Science from Morehouse College, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

  • Getting Ready for 2019 GRI: How to Mitigate Cost Increases

    General Rate Increases
    This is the time of year that shippers are often bracing for the blow of annual rate increases. Usually in the late third or early fourth quarter, parcel carriers will announce their annual rate and surcharge increases. With the growth in e-commerce, parcel is becoming a larger expenditure for companies. According to GMT’s 2018 Benchmark Report, 87% of shippers expect 2018 parcel rates to increase at a similar or higher pace as total transport costs year-over-year.