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About Nathan, Strategic Solutions Engineer at GMT

Nathan Martin is a Strategic Solutions Engineer at Green Mountain Technology, a Parcel Spend Management service provider for shippers with over 10 million parcels per year. In this role, Nathan partners with customers to provide strategic Parcel Spend Management solutions – Network Optimization, Spend Analytics, and Contract Management. Nathan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering from Mississippi State University.

  • Four Steps to Evaluating Distribution Center Locations

    Inside view of distribution center warehouse
    The quick fix for fast order fulfillment is using an express service, but in a world where shippers are constantly battling rising costs, that is not a sustainable option. Placing distribution centers (DCs) in the correct location can provide a long-term, sustainable option to reduce fulfillment time. Are your current DCs placed in the most optimal locations? Here are four steps in evaluating the location of distribution centers.