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About Matt, Strategic Sales Engineer at GMT

Matt Weickert is a Strategic Sales Engineer at Green Mountain Technology, a Parcel Spend Management service provider for shippers with over 10 million parcels per year. Matt has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering from Mississippi State University and has a passion for distilling vast amounts of data into intelligible, actionable insights by which optimal decision-making can be achieved. He also runs a lot.

  • The IPS Bankruptcy: An Opportunity to Re-evaluate Freight Payment

    Laptop open to data screen and charts
    With another freight payment provider filing for bankruptcy, it is a useful time for shippers to take a closer look at the way they utilize payment vendors and how those vendors facilitate transactions. IPS Worldwide LLC has sought bankruptcy protection on liabilities north of $100 million to address “creditors becoming antsy,” according to the representing bankruptcy lawyer. Assets listed amount to only $50,000.
  • UPS Execs Refer to 2019 as a “Pivot Point” During Q4 Earnings Call

    UPS Logo
    The tone of the UPS 4Q18 earnings call was uniformly upbeat as strong metrics were revealed one after another. Volume, revenues, earnings per share, and operating margins all went up in the fourth quarter. Comments around peak season performance were far more cheerful than last year as well.
  • Consumer Shipping Options and Fees: Lessons Learned from a Big Specialty Retailer

    Package Moving Through Warehouse
    In the frothy battle for online customer loyalty, shipping choices and amounts charged for those choices is a highly influential front. Retailers have been grappling with this changing landscape for years as online disruption continues. Green Mountain Technology has combined the specific experience of its retail clients along with a multitude of other companies across industries in our annual Benchmark Report to understand strategies for differentiation in this dynamic space.
  • What a Pain in the Accessorial: How to Best Evaluate and Anticipate the 2018 Surcharge Increases

    Illustration of accessorial charge: regional carrier with temp controlled package.
    We live in a parcel world where accessorial increases can be announced at any time of the year and have huge impacts on budgets. Accessorial charges account for anywhere from five to 30% of our clients’ total parcel spend, and this proportion is rising. On top of trying to accurately forecast resource needs due to volume growth and system changes within an organization, accessorial increases add a huge layer of complexity and unpredictability that can lead to multiplied costs overnight.
  • Building a Better Brand Strategy

    Dart in the center of board
    For better or worse, your shipping strategy delivers more than just product. Here's how to harness logistics to drive a better brand stategy.