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Our Foundation

We’ve built a scalable business model to become a strategic and tactical extension of the resources our customers have dedicated to managing their parcel spend.

We work hand-in-hand with you, week-in and week-out, with our resources to take your efforts in parcel spend management from the macro level to the micro level.

We only target the largest parcel shippers by design, as these shippers uniquely possess the volume and complexity within their parcel networks to need the type of support GMT delivers in our parcel spend management solution.

When you combine our unique service offering and our business model for delivering it, with a company committed to doing the “right thing”, as a foundation for long term customer relationships, you truly have the perfect partner to help your company manage your parcel spend at the highest level.

Our Awards

Our down to the penny solution is a winner. We’re honored to be recognized in our industry.

Our Values

Precision drives our solution. Our Values get us there.


We are obsessed with providing value to the customer.


We are respectful - everyone is valued - we are a team.

Results Driven

We are goal and results focused.

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We're your parcel partner.
Not simply a provider.

No other provider works exclusively with the largest parcel shippers in the world, collectively managing over $7 billion in parcel spend.

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Our Testimonials

For each and every product we ship, we look at it as an opportunity to build trust, loyalty and engagement with our customers. Our collaboration with GMT is just another example of how our company is continuously enriching the customer experience.

VP of Customer Logistics
Meg Birchfield
Director of Logistics

I have used their strategic services over a period of time that resulted in $10M+ in savings in a relatively short period of time (<2 years).

Senior Director of Logistics
Ray Shearer
Transportation Director
Thirty-One Gifts

In addition to ensuring appropriate small parcel freight audit and payment, GMT utilizes invoice, manifest, and tracking information to create a dashboard of standardized data which enables network analysis and supplier performance management.

Senior Manager of Global Transport
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