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Who We Are

We Help Parcel and LTL
Networks Succeed

At Green Mountain Technology (GMT), we bring innovation and technology together to help large companies manage their Parcel and LTL spend at a level they could not reach on their own.

Our Parcel and LTL Spend Management solutions combine a best-in-class audit system with intelligent spend analysis software to identify network opportunities and assist with contract management.

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Our Founding

GMT was founded by a group of entrepreneurs committed to creating substantial financial outcomes for clients, transforming audits through technology and hiring the most talented, dedicated employees.

One of those entrepreneurs was CEO Craig Russell, who originated the business idea after years of experience as a software application developer and director at FedEx Express. Along with his team, Craig led the initiative to move FedEx customers from paper to EDI billing in the 1990s. Craig saw opportunity for improvement. A vision was born of a solution that could provide a truly superior parcel audit, freight payment, and information management solution to FedEx and UPS customers.

Craig worked 18 to 20 hours per day, 7 days a week, acting as customer service during the day and software developer by night.

Excitement and demand for GMT began to build as CCO, co-founder, and Craig’s lifelong best friend, Jim Jacobs, championed the vision for market opportunities. Like Craig, Jim’s passion was born out of a desire to genuinely help others and solve problems where they arose. With over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development in the transpiration and logistics industry, Jim had an unmatched ability to engage others in Craig’s vision.

That vision would continue to evolve as GMT’s customer base grew, with service offerings changing or being added to meet the needs of customers and market trends. As some of world’s largest parcel shippers signed on for GMT’s original services, freight and parcel auditing, these shippers started seeking network optimization reporting and advice from GMT. Craig and Jim took another risk by redefining GMT’s service offerings, creating a comprehensive Parcel Spend Management solution that started with parcel invoice automation and auditing, then leveraged that data for analysis, network optimization and carrier contract management.

Their risk positioned GMT as the first industry leader to provide a dedicated and automated Parcel Spend Management solution, and that service is still at the base of our offerings today.

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GMT's Leadership Team
GMT's founders: Jim Jacobs (left) and Craig Russell (right)
GMT's Director of Strategic Solutions: Jon Sharp

Our Culture

Innovation is key to staying at the forefront of an industry.

We focus on providing superior customer service, empowering employees to do an outstanding job, and maintaining the lead in the Parcel and LTL Spend Management industries through technology and innovation. We love to innovate and put ideas into action quickly.

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Our Values

Precision drives our solution. Our Values get us there.


We are obsessed with providing value to the customer.


We are respectful - everyone is valued - we are a team.

Results Driven

We are goal and results focused.

Continuous Improvement

We innovate and deslre to Improve everyday.


We hold ourselves accountable to be our best.


Our time and work product provides value to the customer and GMT.


We are decisive.


We use good judgement in every decision.

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